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Kiernan Milling understands the importance of lambing down at this time of the year ensuring that (i) ewes have plenty of milk (ii) good quality colostrum in order to have strong healthy vigorous lambs.
With these points in mind all our Ewe with Lamb rations are specifically and carefully formulated to achieve the best results. These diets are fully fortified with a high spec mineral package containing;

  • high levels of Iodine, Selenium and Vitamin E
  • they also contain Cal Mag (10 grams in 1 Kg) to help prevent tetany when ewes are let out to grass after lambing.

Our Ewe with Lamb 18% is suitable for pregnant and lactating ewes. High in energy (wheat/barley) and digestible fibre (soya hulls) to help prevent any pre-lambing upsets. Suitable for supplementation with grass silage where protein levels are greater than 11%.
Our Ewe with Lamb 19% is a very popular nut also suitable for pregnant & lactating ewes. It is formulated to provide good quality by-pass protein (high in soya bean meal and maize distillers) and rumen degradable protein (rapeseed meal). This ensure ewes have plenty of milk at lambing down and good quality colostrum. Can be used in most scenarios where forage is of medium quality.
Our Ewe with Lamb 20% is one of the best nuts on the market for pregnant & lactating ewes. Contains high percentages of soya bean meal. Includes Full Fat Soya to maximise by-pass protein and similarly, to increase the energy density of the ration. Designed for supplementation with silage with less than 10% Crude Protein to help promote optimal milk production and colostrum.

Lamb producers are in the business of putting meat on lambs as efficiently and as quickly as possible. With this in mind our Lamb Finishing Range is designed to help maximise growth rates of lambs while at the same time taking advantage of their better Feed Conversion Efficiency’s at a young age.
Both our Intensive Lamb and Blue Ribbon Lamb Crunch contain ammonium chloride to help acidify the urine and prevent the build-up of calcium crystals in the urinary tract. They are both fully fortified with high levels of Zinc, Cobalt and Vit B12 to prevent unthriftiness and poor growth.
*Intensive Lamb - our 3mm pellet is a ‘top class’ 17% Crude Protein/High energy cereal based pellet. Containing maize, wheat and barley. The 3mm pellet encourages early intake and is suitable from first feed right through to intensive feeding of finishing lambs.
*Blue Ribbon Lamb Crunch - contains a high proportion of cooked maize to help promote intakes and digestibility. Its protein is predominately derived from by-pass protein to help promote frame development. The inclusion of Molashine (oil based molasses) makes it very palatable. High levels of live yeast is included to maximise average daily gain, carcass weight and kill out. It also includes full fat soya to maximise by-pass protein and energy density.