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Beef Feed Pedigree


  • 18% Crude Protein Ration suitable for feeding to calves from 7 – 10 days of age
  • Slow release buffer (live yeast) to ensure the calf’s rumen develops optimally. Hence, healthier rumen conditions, better nutrient absorption, intake and growth
  • Feed ad lib until calves are consuming 1.5 kg/hd/day
  • Contains hi spec calf minerals & vitamin package (*see page 9) – High Phosphorus
  • Also suitable for fast growing pedigree / show cattle ‐ no fillers included
  • Contains all you would expect in a feed designed to be fed to show cattle
  • Contains cooked maize to stimulate rumen digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Protein predominately consisting of soya bean meal to encourage frame & muscle development from an early age
  • Includes Molashine (molasses with added oils) to stimulate intake
  • Contains full fat soya to maximise the available protein and energy density of the blend


  • 15% Crude Protein palatable high energy blend tailor made for the high genetic merit animal
  • High percentage of cooked maize to enhance animal performance
  • Ideal follow on from Pedigree 3
  • Fortified with high spec minerals & vitamins
  • Live yeast to promote intake, nutrients absorption and help prevent lameness & digestive upsets
  • Includes Acid Buf to improve rumen function and enhance ADG (Average daily gain)
  • Contains full fat soya to maximise energy density of the ration
  • Includes Molashine (molasses with added oils) to stimulate intake
  • Contains Vegetable Oils and B vitamins to help coat condition & increase the energy density of the ration
  • Contains high levels of zinc to strengthen the hoof
  • Can be fed from 8‐9 months of age
  • Can be feed adlib if introduced steadily over a 2 week period


Kiernan Milling understands that the path to optimal weight gain and performance of beef cattle on farm is very much dependant on quality feed ingredients which are carefully formulated for the animals specific needs i.e. weanlings, finishing heifers, steers and bulls. Our state of the art Mill has the ability and technology to formulate rations to the nutritional requirements of your animals. i.e.:

  • Simple 3 or 4 way mixes can be tailor made to your animals needs with appropriate mineral/ vitamins.
  • High cereal rations with strong buffering capacity i.e. Weight Driver, Bull Finisher etc.
  • Rations with chelated (organic) minerals ‐ are more available to the animal.
  • Rations containing essential oils to help rumen function.

Additionally, Kiernan Milling can provide complimentary silage and grass silage analysis to current or potential customers and balance rations accordingly to the results. Our Nutritionist is always on hand to help you select diets based on your own production system.