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  • The feeding strategy for hoggets will depend on whether they are being fattened for sale or retained for future breeding.
  • Stewarts Lamb & Hogget finisher is the obvious choice for finishing late lambs and hoggets. The formulation encourages fat deposition, while at the same time giving a fast finish for intensively fed sheep.
  • Best results will come from adlib feeding, however, through feeding at 0.5kg/head per day will be adequate when there is a good supply of quality grass or forage.
  • Store Hoggets for next years breeding will benefit greatly from feeding either our Sheep Nuts 15% or Lamb & Hogget Finisher over the winter period. In the case of store hoggets, 0.5kg/head per day with adequate forage will be required.


  • 16% Crude Protein coarse ration recommended for intensive feeding of older lambs and hoggets
  • The protein level of 16% encourages fat deposition giving an early finish for intensively fed lambs and hoggets
  • Highly popular ration – contains no fillers
  • Ideal for a system when grass quality is very high
  • Contains cooked cereals to maximise intakes and digestibility
  • Specially formulated to maximise live weight gains and carcass composition
  • Includes Ammonia Chloride for the prevention of urinary calculi
  • Contains high levels of Zinc, Cobalt and Vit B12 to prevent unthriftiness and poor growth
  • UFL 1.10 (DM basis), PDIE 111 grams and PDIN 116 grams


  • 18% Crude Protein nut for hoggets and ewes in early pregnancy
  • Cheaper & slightly lower spec than the Ewe and Lamb 18%
  • Suckling lambs should not be fed this nut. As the high magnesium levels can cause kidney stones
  • Includes a high spec mineral and vitamin package
  • Contains high levels of Iodine to help prevent weak lambs
  • Includes Cal Mag at a rate of 10 grams per 1 kg. This is to help prevent tetany when ewes are let out to grass after lambing
  • Suitable for supplementation with grass silage with protein values >11% (DM)
  • Not for intensive feeding of lambs
  • UFL 1.00 (DM basis), PDIE 113 grams and PDIN 134 grams


  • A 14% Crude Protein general purpose low cost ration
  • Contains a lot of native cereal – contains cooked flaked maize & rolled barley
  • Must be feed as a complement to forage Not suitable for adlib feeding
  • Can be fed at high levels when fodder is short
  • Very palatable – high molasses content
  • Generally used as a store beef diet or as a top up for hoggets / sheep on poor grazing
  • Contains general purpose sheep & beef mineral