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Organic Dairy

Our Dairy Nuts are designed specifically for the needs of the modern organic dairy cow; while at the same time taking into account genetics, yield, stage in lactation, and forage quality. Kiernan Milling understands that the path to high milk yield and solids on many organic dairy farms in Ireland is very much dependant on quality feed ingredients which are carefully formulated for the cows specific needs during different stages of lactation. With so many different production systems on Organic Irish farms i.e. Autumn/Spring calving etc. Kiernan Milling offers a wide range of dairy nuts specifically formulated to match a specific system.

Our Technical Sales Representatives backed up by our nutritionist can help you to choose the feed most suitable to match the requirements of your herd. Kiernan Milling will provide complimentary grass and forage analysis to all of our customers.


  • 16% Crude Protein, containing Maize, Wheat and Beans contributing to good starch values.
  • High energy nut which helps to increase milk yield and protein percentage in milk.
  • An ideal nut for feeding in early and mid‐lactation when cows are out at grass.
  • Contains Palm Kernel (digestible fibre source) to help prevent acidosis, and similarly, to slow down the passage rate of lush grass through the cow
  • Helps cows to maintain Body Condition Score (BCS) during the critically important breeding season.
  • Delivers 56 grams of Cal – Mag in 3.6kg


  • Top class 17% Crude Protein, high energy nut designed for maximising output while maintaining body condition score of cows
  • Carefully formulated to offer a flexible feeding rate depending on grass availability and spring weather conditions
  • Suitable for cows in Autumn and spring when there is grass silage and grass in the diet, as it helps to balance the overall crude protein of the diet
  • Delivers 56 grams of Cal – Mag in 5.9kg


  • An 18% Crude Protein nut carefully balanced using maize, barley, wheat and beans to ensure the cows protein, and similarly energy needs are met
  • High levels of cereals and digestible fibre sources to maximise milk yield and solids
  • Good quality protein sources such as lucerne which will maximise milk production and composition without excess body weight loss
  • Delivers 56 grams of Cal – Mag in 5.9kg


  • A palatable quality 18% Crude Protein calf crunch suitable for feeding from 4‐7 days of age up to 6‐8 months
  • Will help to increase milk yields, while at the same time making sure cows maintain Body Condition Score (BCS)
  • A 20% crude protein high energy nut – wheat and beans, designed to maximise milk production over the winter period.
  • 56 grams of Cal Mag delivered in 13Ibs


  • A 22% crude protein nut designed to increase the performance of lactating cows over the winter period
  • Ideal nut to feed when protein levels in silage may be low
  • Good quality protein sources – lucerne and soya exp, balanced correctly with wheat and beans which increases the energy density of the diet
  • 56 grams of Cal Mag delivered in 13Ibs