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Heifer Rearing


It is of major importance that heifers obtain a successful rearing program. Various studies have shown where farmers have carried out a successful rearing program:

  • Cows remained in the herd for longer (≥ 5 lactations)
  • Cows showed lower incidences of calving problems
  • Cows produced more milk per subsequent lactations

NB. That calving down at 24 months is a main driver of the above points and similarly, nutrition has a major role on achieving this target. Therefore, in order to get heifers calving down at 23 – 24 months of age they need to be growing at certain weights through their life.

Below is a table of what weight heifers should be at different ages up to 24 months of age.

*Target Breakdown:
3 month heifer BW (kg) 116 100
3 month heifer BW (kg) 116 100
6 month heifer BW (kg) 175 150
12 month heifer BW (kg) 290 250
15 month heifer BW (kg) @ breeding 350 300
Pre‐Calving BW (kg) approx. 24 months 525 400
Mature BW 580 500
*To be used as a guide only
*Assumes proper parasite control programme is in place
To help farmers achieve these weight targets Kiernan Milling have a 22% Heifer Development Nut designed and formulated to ensure farmers achieve optimal performance from their heifers. For further information or any enquires on any aspects of heifer rearing ring our nutritionist


  • High Spec 22% Crude Protein heifer developer nut aimed at heifers from 12 weeks of age right through to calving down
  • Research has shown that high levels of protein prevents fatty tissues depositing in the mammary gland, hence, reducing future milk yield
  • High in quality ingredients and balanced energy sources
  • Driven by soya bean meal to obtain high growth rates
  • Contains full fat soya to maximise the available protein & energy density of the nut
  • Moderate starch content to drive frame growth without laying down excessive fat in the developing udder
  • Contains high spec calf minerals & vitamins (*see page 14)
  • Fortified with high levels of Calcium and Phosphorous for bone and growth development


  • 16% Crude Protein, high energy, palatable blend designed to give optimal performance to your young growing stock
  • Good follow on ration from an 18% nut/blend
  • Very suitable for feeding at grass or as a supplement to grass silage
  • Formulated using a high level of cooked flaked maize and rolled barley
  • Balanced with soya bean and beet pulp to help promote high growth rates
  • Fortified with premium minerals and vitamins – high levels of zinc, copper & phosphorus
  • Enhanced texture to promote
  • Can be fed from 12 – 14 weeks of age


  • An ideal weanling diet for young beef and dairy cattle
  • Can be fed from 12 – 14 weeks of age
  • Highly palatable and crunchy coarse ration
  • Contains a high level of cereals combined with carefully chosen protein ingredients
  • Contains a premium mineral package to help maximise growth rate and similarly, supplying the full spectrum of essential elements the animal needs
  • Not suitable for adlib feeding

*Hi Spec Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package contains the perfect blend of live yeast and essential Minerals & Vitamins designed to optimise thrive in young, growing cattle. High levels of Copper, Cobalt and Selenium combined with a unique blend of Vitamins E, B12 & D3 are standard in this mineral pack.