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Studies in relation to feeding weanlings over the winter period have concluded that each one percentage unit decline in DMD of grass silage requires an additional 0.3kg concentrate to sustain performance. This emphasizes the importance of silage quality and what role it has to play in relation to the weight gain of your animals on farm. For instance, a weanling fed 65% DMD silage will require 2kg concentrates (high energy feed i.e. UFL greater than 0.93 fresh weight) in order to grow at a rate of 0.6kg a day over the winter period (Shown in the table below). Therefore, in order to know your feeding value of your silage and growth rates, it supports it’s of fundamental importance to get it tested and balanced accordingly in order to achieve the desired weight gains on your farm.

In relation to protein requirements. Generally a 16% crude protein ration will be adequate for weanlings in relation to their muscle and skeletal development. However, where silage protein results are low i.e. less than 10% perhaps one might need to look at a ration containing greater than 16% crude protein. If you need your diet balanced correctly ring our Nutritionist on 043 666 0000.

Concentrate supplementation (kg/day) necessary for weanlings to grow at 0.6kg a day

Silage DMD
Meal reqd. to grow @ 0.6kg/day
60 3
65 2
70 1.5
75 1
*It is important to note while feeding will have the major effect on weight gain. Environmental factors will contribute to it also., if pen space, trough space and parasite control are not correct performance will be compromised.


  • 16% Crude Protein, high energy, palatable blend designed to give optimal performance to your young growing stock
  • Good follow on ration from an 18% Crude Protein nut/blend
  • Very suitable for feeding at grass or as a supplement to grass silage
  • Formulated using a high level of cooked flaked maize and rolled barley
  • Balanced with soya bean and beet pulp to help promote high growth rates
  • Fortified with premium minerals and vitamins – high levels of zinc, copper & phosphorus
  • Enhanced texture to promote
  • Can be fed from 12 – 14 weeks of age


  • A 16% Crude Protein high cereal nut (>45%). Includes Acid Buf to help prevent acidosis & laminitis
  • Protein derived from soya bean meal, maize distillers & rapeseed meal
  • Can be fed from 2 months of age, not suitable for ad lib feeding


  • 16% Crude Protein nut with energy derived from maize, wheat and barley
  • Suitable for growing weanlings, store cattle and all types of beef cattle
  • One of the most popular beef nut
  • Contains premium vitamins and minerals, supplying the full spectrum of essential elements
  • Promotes high average daily gain and ideal for feeding at grass or as a supplement to grass silage
  • A pre‐finishing ration to drive on frame development without laying down fat
  • Can be fed from 2 months on
  • Not suitable for adlib feeding
  • Max Feeding level – 6 kg per day


  • A 16% Crude Protein weanling diet for young beef and dairy cattle
  • Highly palatable crunchy coarse ration & can be fed from 12‐14 weeks of age
  • Contains a high level of cereals combined with carefully chosen protein ingredients
  • Contains a premium mineral package to help maximise growth rate and similarly, supplying the full spectrum of essential elements the animal needs
  • Not suitable for adlib feeding

*Hi Spec Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package contains the perfect blend of live yeast and essential Minerals & Vitamins designed to optimise thrive in young, growing cattle. High levels of Copper, Cobalt and Selenium combined with a unique blend of Vitamins E, B12 & D3 are standard in this mineral pack.