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Dry Cow


Appropriate management of the cow in the transition period will ensure:

  • The cow obtains adequate time to regenerate and repair the cells in her mammary gland
  • An appropriate body condition score (BCS) at calving down 3 – 3.5
  • Cows aren’t in negative energy pre‐calving. Therefore, cows will have higher milk yields and better conception in the subsequent lactation
  • Better quality colostrum for the new‐born Reduced calving difficulties
  • Reduced incidence of metabolic disorders after calving such as milk fever, displaced abomasum, ketosis, retained placenta, fatty liver syndrome etc.
  • Cows with increased immunity and disease resistance
  • Better dry matter intakes post calving Lower SCC in the subsequent lactation
Body Condition Score at Drying ‐ off
Silage DMD (UFL)
<2.5 2.5 2.75 <3.0
>72 (0.81) Silage + 1kg Silage ad‐lib Silage Restricted Silage Restricted
68‐72 (0.76‐0.81) Silage + 2kg Silage + 1kg Silage ad‐lib Silage Restricted
<68 (0.76) Silage + 3kg Silage + 2kg Silage + 1kg Silage ad‐lib


  • Iodine (60‐72mg)
  • Selenium (3‐5mg)
  • Cobalt (2mg)
  • Zinc (500mg)
  • Copper (400+mg)
  • Vitamin E (1000+ ius)


  • A 20% Crude Protein high spec pre‐calver nut, which is among the best on the market
  • Helps reduce displaced abomasum post calving
  • Ionic salts for DCAB balance
  • High Vitamin E to boost immunity
  • High levels of selenium to boost immune system, udder health, reduced cell count, retained placentas and metritis
  • Contains Mag Chloride to cancel the negative effects of high potassium silage
  • Improves body condition in the dry period
  • Promotes optimal productivity and health during lactation for subsequent lactation
  • Chelated/organic minerals
  • Feeding Rate 2 kg
Pre Calver Nut