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Lamb Feed


Creep feeding can help to maximize growth rates of lambs, taking advantage of better Feed Conversion Efficiency’s and higher lamb prices earlier in the season.

Finishing lambs early also frees up grass for flushing ewes and making extra forage.
Concentrates also contain mineral packages that help minimize the risk of ill thrift when the lamb adjusts to a diet without milk.


  • Early lambs should have ad lib access to creep feed from birth.
  • Blue Ribbon Lamb Crunch has been shown to encourage early intake of concentrates to help get lambs off to a strong start.
  • The high percentage of flaked ingredients in the Blue Ribbon Lamb Crunch makes it a very palatable diet for young lambs.
  • Our Intensive Lamb pellets can also be used for young lambs as the small 3mm pellet encourages early intake.
  • Clean fresh water should also be available for both the ewe and the growing lamb.


  • In mid season flocks, creep feeding can be introduced as a management aid when grass supplies are scarce and also a means of maximizing growth rates to finish lambs earlier in the season.
  • It is also widely recommended that lambs suckling first crop ewes (ewe lambs & hoggets) are offered creep feed to supplement the ewes milk supply and avoid taking excess body condition of the young ewe in her first season.
  • When adlib feeding older lambs after weaning, intakes of 1 – 1.5Kg of Intensive Lamb pellets per day can be expected. This will help keep growth rates at maximum level.
  • Where lambs are being trough fed, quantities should be restricted to 0.5Kg / head per day to avoid upsets caused by excessive intakes.
  • Clean fresh water should also be available for both the ewe and the growing lamb.
  • Both our Intensive Lamb and Blue Ribbon Lamb Crunch contain ammonium chloride to help acidify the urine and prevent the build up of calcium crystals in the urinary tract.

UFL: 1 UFL is the net energy content of 1kg of air dry standard barley (fresh weight); all other raw materials are ranked accordingly thereafter. The higher the UFL value, the higher the feeding value of the feedstuff.


  • A ‘tried & tested’ 18% Crude Protein Premium Lamb Crunch
  • Contains a high proportion of cooked maize. This helps to promote increased intakes and digestibility
  • Protein predominately consisting of by‐pass protein to help promote frame development
  • Includes full fat soya to maximise by‐pass protein and energy density
  • Includes Ammonia Chloride to prevent urinary calculi
  • Very palatable & digestible; includes Molashine (molasses with added oil) to help promote intake
  • Includes live yeast hence, increasing Average Daily Gain (ADG), carcass weight & kill out
  • Suitable for pedigree sheep; high in Zinc, Cobalt and Vit B12
  • Can be fed adlib
  • UFL 1.13 (DM basis), PDIE 131 grams and PDIN 141 grams
Blue Ribbon Lamb Crunch


  • 17% Crude Protein/High energy cereal based lamb finishing nut – maize; wheat and barley
  • 3mm pellet for increased intake
  • Balanced protein sources – soyabean and rapeseed for max. carcass gain
  • Balanced digestible fibre for adlib feeding
  • Includes Ammonia Chloride to prevent urinary calculi
  • High levels of Zinc, Cobalt and Vit B12 to prevent unthriftiness and poor growth
  • This feed is suitable from first feed introduction right through to intensive feeding of finishing lambs
  • Designed to maximise growth and kill outs
  • UFL 1.09 (DM basis), PDIE 123 grams and PDIN 139 grams
Intensive Lamb